Who We Are

       When our shop owner, Jacki Welch, was a child she received a gift from her grandmother. It was a green pillow in the shape of a cat. The pillow was handcrafted, quirky, and made with love. THE GREEN CAT JUICE BAR & MARKET is no different. We’re here to provide you a menu that is filled with love and care. When it comes to nourishment, we start with a clean and holistic approach. Better health practices make you feel more energized, have brighter skin, and assist you in being more present. We’ve come to understand that there is a true connection between spiritual, mental, and metabolic well-being.

       We are open daily to provide you with a variety of simple treasures for mind, body, and soul therapy. Applying a pure botanical lotion to your skin, wearing a hand-made piece of jewelry, enjoying an artisan candle, or just reading an uplifting book all have healing properties. As a family-owned-and-operated business, we’ve made every effort to source products in our market from local + global artisans, farmers, and purveyors of quality. At THE GREEN CAT JUICE BAR & MARKET we love what we do! We spend our days formulating recipes and pressing juices. Crafting smoothies, and pushing the boundaries on a plant-based lifestyle. We would love for you to visit us. Our goal is to leave you feeling nourished and invigorated!

Our History

On May 22, 2015, The Green Cat Juice Bar & Market opened in Virginia Beach, VA.