More Options For Virginia Beach Vegans

Finding Vegan Food Choices in Virginia BeachGardein_products

Yet another way to satisfy those inconvenient cravings that can trouble Virginia Beach Vegans, Target now has a line of Vegan meatless meat entrees. Using the Simply Balanced name brand, you have a number of ways to get that quick meatless meat fix.

Some of the flavors available to you are:

• Teriyaki meatless Chicken
• Korean barbeque meatless chicken
• Smoky Chipoltle meatless chicken
• Mushroom Miso Meatless Turkey (say that 5 times fast)

The also carry the Gardein line which features a number of meatless vegan dishes like:

• Chipoltle black bean sliders
• 7 grain crispy tenders
• Marinara Chick n filets
• Chicken scallopini
• Sweet and Sour porkless bites
• Meatless Meatballs
• Breakfast patties Vegan style
• Szechuan strips
• Crabless crab cakes
• Fishless filets

Target has been progressively increasing their selection of Vegan foods making it one of the most progressive retailers for convenience style Vegan entrees.

Vegan cake virginia beachOn the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and looking for Vegan Food?

It may not be convenient to leave the resort area to go to Target or a specialty grocer. The Green Cat offers no chicken chicken salad. Bursting with flavor this is one of our signature meatless dishes. Pop into our 3801 Pacific Avenue Location to try this Vegan treat.

And to top it off, how about a refreshing smoothie for that walk along the Virginia Boardwalk. The Green cat offers vegan smoothies and filtered juices to help satisfy that need for nutrition and something really sweet. If you are chocolate lover try the Traveling Yogi.

Serious Sweet Cravings For The Vegan: The Green Cat virginia beach oceanfront vegan dessertOceanfront Delights

Besides meat cravings there is another area where vegans, here in Virginia Beach, and abroad struggle. Yes, you guessed it…cravings for sweets.

Fear no more The Green Cat resident baker Paige works with vegan ingredients the same way great painters work in oils or sculptors work in stone. Some of the goodies that are on the rotating menu are:

• Vegan baked goods
• Vegan cakes
• Vegan fudge
• Vegan dessert smoothies
• Vegan chocolate cups
• Vegan chocolate creations

Check out our site for more informationVegan Chocolate Virginia Beach boardwalk area about our menu




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