Virginia Beach Vegan Detox 101: Do you know where your juice or smoothie ingredients come from?

non gmo vegetablesDetox is no longer a term for controlled substance centers. We, in Virginia Beach, or greater Hampton Roads, whether vegan, vegetarian, or just concerned consumer are watching what we eat, what is in we eat,where did the thing we ate come from and so on..The right Smoothie, the right supplement, raw dishes, filtered juices, whole foods are all pathways to good health. Putting the right ingredients together can infuse you with energy and help your body heal from an ailment.

The vegan based movement for raw unfiltered whole foods and filtered juices is expanding well beyond just health or vegan stores. Unless you have been living under a rock you have seen that plastic (hopefully made from recycled materials)jug sitting in the fresh fruit section or dairy case. You can’t miss it. It is the all green concoction that goes by various names like Green Goodness, Green Machine, Odwalla Superfood and an endless number of green juice clones. They are at every Farm Fresh, Walmart, Food Lion, and Harris Teeter from the Oceanfront to Newtown Road. But even these health newcomers are hiding a few secrets. Things like genetically modified ingredients and enzyme nutrient killing flash pasteurization damage the true health value of mass market juice clones.

Detox starts with detoxing the label

Even those mass produced health drinks are brimming with synthetic ingredients. I know at one point Pepsi owned Green Machine was using them. You have to be careful because there are all sorts of hidden tricks to hide the not so healthy character of that mass produced green shake.

Green juice clones

Big manufacturers use gmo fruits and vegetables to develop derivatives that go in these drinks. Non GMO foods,fruits, and vegetables may have a detrimental impact on people. They certainly could never be as healthy as their pristine all natural counterparts. There is also the hidden nutrient damage in the highly mechanized process involved with mass producing a health drink.

The mass amount of produce being used is GMO with lots of pesticides. Never a good start to any healthy regiment. Then to counter this the juices have to be pasteurized to protect us from these bio-killers. Of course this kills nutrients. Nutrients that may not even be there in its intended natural state without man made genetic changes. These are sad substitutes for ultra fresh organic materials and natural small batch processes.

Organic foods or nothing

If you are going to detox you want ALL the health benefits of organic fruits, veggies, and foods.The key is to make sure you know
all the ingredients involved in your juice or smoothie and the entire process of how it was made.

The Juice Guru of Virginia Beach

Our Green Juice Guru has been designed as a non GMO, filtered, totally fresh juice drink available at our Virginia Beach Green Cat location on Pacific Avenue. He

vegan smoothie

re is a breakdown of what we do and do not do

  • The fruits and vegetables are certified organic from known growers
  • The produce is pesticide free
  • The juice is squeezed here
  • The juice is bottled here
  • The juice is not homogenized, flash frozen, flash pasteurized, nationally distributed, mass produced,or filled with GMO frankenfruit
  • The juice has no synthetics or mystery words that mean “not really fresh”
  • The juice is cold filtered

Virginia Beach and The Mother Earth Smoothie: A Vegan Treat

Obviously cold filtered organic juices are the foundation of the smoothie. At least in terms of the health benefit. While laborious the Vegan smoothie offers maximum nutrition without the pollutants.

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