Virginia Beach Vegan Sweets, Treats, and Food

Vegan sweets, desserts or food, even here in Virginia Beach, can be a misunderstood lifestyle. It does not have to mean boring. It does not have to mean dull. Vegan sweets and desserts can be every bit as scrumptious as they are healthy. The trick is choosing the right ingredients and making the right combinations. Here is a breakdown of some of the unofficial vegan dessert categories worth exploring at the Green Cat Vegan Restaurant and Bar in Virginia Beach

Vegan Fudge On The Oceanfront

It is the vegan answer to the block of processed chocolate. This piece of organic cacao fudge gives you the full health benefit of all the Vegan Fudge Virginia Beach chocolates power without the artificial preservatives. To some chocolate lovers the benefit is not going crazy due to lack of chocolate but there is so much more when you look at the true antioxidant power of this miracle dessert/food.

Virginia Beach Chocolate Vegan

There are so many ways to keep vegan practices and satisfy your sweet tooth for chocolate. When near the Oceanfront the Green Cat offers a plethora of sweet treat eats to keep cravings under control without filling your body with non organic, pesticide ridden, over processed garbage.
Here are some ways, or incredible recipes we create, that can help:

A vegan answer to the milkshake.

Sometimes you are on the go and need that tasty vegan shake in portable form. Sometimes it is just more soothing to drink it than take the time to eat it. Enter Green Cat’s organic non GMO smoothies to get you going. One is the famous Traveling Yogi, which is an infusion of rich chocolate_smoothie_vegan_virginia_beachcacao with other fruits and natural ingredients. For those who are looking for more performance driven concoctions we have something for that post workout recovery as well

Vegan Workout Smoothie

The post workout smoothie will give your muscles what it needs to recover after a grueling swim at the YMCA or a jog up and down the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. The smoothie combines peanut butter with other wholesome ingredients including Strawberry, Banana, Almond Milk and of Course Cacao for that chocolate infused recovery burst.

Vegan Sweet tooth

Maybe you need something a little less chocolate. Here are a few desserts that run the gamut from refreshing to downright delectable

Vegan Treats: Chocolate stylevegan dessert cups

Vegan Dessert Cups

For any craving there is an answer. You can both satisfy your sweet tooth and your bodies intense need for nutrition. Enter these white chocolate cups with chia jam and chocolate pudding. Combine the incredible digestive benefits of Chia with a chocolate inspired cup and you have a great non frozen vegan treat.

Cakes Vegan Style

The Green Cat Vegan Restaurant in Virginia Beach also offers cakes sans artificial ingredients. You get all the taste of a homemade bakery with out these ingredients that potentially degrade your body over time including:

• propylene glycol mono and diesters
• food starch
• modified, leavening (basically baking powder)
• dextrose
• mono and diglycerides
• polysorbate
• sodium propionate ,
• xanthum gum
• sodium stearoyl lactylate
• guar gum
• cellulose gum

Do you really need all these ingredients to make a cake? Do they really help your body? If someone off the street offered you any of these, would you really say yes? You don’t need to worry about them when eating one of our Vegan inspired cakes. Likewise, you do not need to sacrifice flavor. Here are some of the concoctions we have prepared here from scratch.

Virginia Beach Delights

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Vegan Beach Style

For the vegan food puritan you do not to be complicated. The Green Cat offers all natural pesticide free chocolate covered strawberries. vegan chocolate strawberrry oceafront virginiaare the perfect snack for that fast craving fix.

Vegan Virginia Beach Location

Have a vegan craving here in Virginia Beach? Come visit us and see if we can veganize your request as we do all sorts of unique cupcakes, pies,cakes and dishes.