What Is Cold Press Juicing?

When you pick up a juice from The Green Cat, you’re doing a lot more for yourself than just quenching your thirst. Imagine trying to eat 5 pounds of produce in one day…very admirable but still hard to do! Drinking your produce can be the easier and even healthier way to get all the essential nutrients and vitamins from your veggies.  Drinking juice can improve skin complexion, mood, digestion, and can promote a healthy lifestyle!


All of our juices are made with a top of the line cold pressed juicer-The Norwalk Press.


In the video blog, you get to see how we get from clean raw produce to a delicious plant-based liquid–but there’s a lot more benefits to the cold press method than what meets the eye. Because of the Norwalk’s “slow” extraction technology, we are able to obtain the maximum amount of the natural enzymes, vitamins, and trace minerals for every juice that is served.


Before undergoing extraction, we soak all of our produce in alkaline water. Among its many benefits, naturally balancing the pH level of your body from acidic to alkaline can improve your immunities and deter cancerous cells! After soaking in alkaline H20, the extraction method begins. First, produce is pulverized to an even pulp over several minutes-never wasting a morsel of volume from the original solid fruit or vegetable. Then, the pulp is carefully wrapped in cloth for complete juice extraction in the Norwalk’s 3-ton hydraulic press and is ready to be served! As the lovely Paige stated in the video, in contrast to the cold press method, high-speed Centrifugal extraction method overheats, oxidizing produce and leaving much of the liquid in the pulp.


So whether your a rookie juice enthusiast or a veteran expert with a palate to be reckoned with–the result of cold press juicing is always distinct, delicious, and crisp.